Get Best Value for Your Gold

Do you have any jewelry at home, or any other items that are constructed out of gold? In that case, you should consider the excellent investments, given the fact that the gold prices are on the upswing lately.

It is a good way to keep your nose up even in today’s dull economy you can consider selling gold for cash at any time. These are some of the top things to consider before you want to sell you gold jewelry.

Know the worth of your gold pieces

Before you consider selling your gold jewelry for cash, this is one of the first and foremost things you should do. Gold jewelry is available in many forms – Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and timepieces are the most common. These pieces have always a higher retail value, around up to 76%, and you must not sell your gold jewelry pieces for their scrap value.  

Many other factors arise as well when you sell gold for cash.  For example, the craftsmanship of that particular piece of the jewelry that was responsible for the construction of it and might be considered by the buyer as well.

Shop around

To get the top dollar for your gold, you should do well to shop around and also try to get a local expert appraise all your gold pieces. A gold piece has 41.56% gold when valued at 10 karats. It would have 57.32% gold in case of appraisal value is 14 karats. 20 karats is equivalent to 83.29% while 18 karats means 76% gold. A 22 karats piece is equivalent to 91.67%.

An appraiser might say that your piece is worth less even when the contrary is true, most of the times. This might be his idea to have you sell your gold to him at a lower price, and he can get a significantly higher profit.

If you have any suspicion regarding the value of your gold jewelry estimated by the appraiser, you can always get some other expert re-appraise your gold.

Visit to get the top dollar for your gold.

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